Welcome to Family Lands Remembered!

Family Lands Remembered, LLC is an innovative land use and environmental consulting firm dedicated to conserving Florida’s rural lands and natural resources while promoting a more sustainable way of life.

Our expertise is in strategic planning, visioning, consensus building, permitting and other aspects of creative land use and environmental planning.

We facilitate the efforts of large landowners, conservationists, businesses and government agencies to work collaboratively and effectively to balance sustainable development with large-scale conservation of Florida’s cultural, agricultural and environmental resources.

We work on creative solutions - linking an expansion of Florida’s economy and new jobs to the protection of the natural environment for current and future generations of Floridians. Conservation and economic development go hand in hand, if properly done. Whether we are talking about land, water, energy or other resources, good conservation strategies - properly implemented - will result in lower cost and higher value for both the private and public interests.