Strategic Consulting

We work with our clients to plan environmental projects long before the deal is struck, permits are sought, land is protected or construction begins. Our strategic consulting expertise allows us to help our clients foresee problems before they arise, and ensure projects stay on schedule.

Data Contextualization

Using our staff’s expertise in a range of physical sciences, we take environmental data and reconcile it with current political and economic developments to help our clients make the best decisions possible.

Project Conceptualization and Structuring

Going hand-in-hand with strategic consulting, we specialize in developing environmental projects from a seed of an idea to implementation. Though different for each project, we manage all moving parts and work with every facet to ensure the quality of the result.

Consensus Building

Once ideas are fully formed, we socialize them with key stakeholders to garner feedback and imrpove the project. While potentially a long process, we specialize in finding the right stakeholders to engage and the right time to engage in the project development process and an open and honest discussion as it unfolds.

What We Do